Inspiration: Braids

20 Aug 2013

Braids' Raphaelle Standell-Preston tells us what inspires the bands life and art. 

Braids Interview Inspiration Flourish Perish

A critically acclaimed debut that leads to an 18 month tour around the world sounds like the ideal for most bands, yet the trials and tribulations that come with such an experience are often whispered rather than proclaimed. BRAIDS could certainly tell you a thing or two about their experience as their initially low-key 2011 debut Native Speaker was ultimately regarded as one of the year’s finest records but an extensive tour left them a member down. Still, BRAIDS have moved forward solidly and having spent the best part of twelve months in their Montreal studio, now return with their impressive new LP Flourish // Perish. Born from their increasing personal and creative strength as a collective, and inspired explorations into electronic music, the record exists in a space that only BRAIDS could have created, decorated with sparse sounds, delicate feelings, and the kind of honesty and vulnerability that can only exist after an extended period of self consideration and understanding. Intrigued as to what motivates and influences a band that currently know themselves better than ever but are about to embark into another journey into the unknown, we asked them for their Inspirations...

Night Driving 

A lot of the music that inspired Flourish // Perish was discovered during late night drives.

Gary Jules - Mad World

These are some of the most beautiful chords. I find that a lot of the songs we write feel like this combination of chords, pensive and slightly brooding, sorrowful and thoughtful, this songs makes feeling sad feel very beautiful, which it can be if you try to see it in the right way and learn from it. I love this song and the music video for it is also very nice. 

Braids Interview Inspiration Sex


Sex is truly important to life. If you are younger though and reading this and just starting to discover sex, then you should read this website because it can help set you on a good confident path and display to you some of the stereotypes that exist and can make you feel weird about sex. After awhile though there is nothing weird about sex, and nothing tied up in sex other than passion, fantasy and love.

Braids Interview Inspiration Gardening


Watching things grow is very important to me. We have a lot of plants at the band house and watering them makes me feel very good. I like to help things grow. It's a very immediately rewarding experience. The link is for growing sprouts. It's very simple to grow and it's very high in nutrients. You can put sprouts on sandwiches and salads. Kind of peppery taste. I think it's important to have something to tend to that is outside of yourself.

People Watching

Very essential.  Here is a silly how to guide. I usually go to restaurants and watch people and sometimes listen to their conversations. It's kind of weird, but I like it.

Science In Music - Autechre

Autechre's scientific approach to music has been very inspiring for us. The beauty they have reached in their music from this approach is stunning. Very amazing project.


The reality that we exist with other species blows my mind. I don't think I have ever written a song about an animal, but they are an essential 'pick me up', to ones mood. I started watching this documentary on 'The Private Life Of Pigs' and felt ecstatic for quite some time which allowed for a happy practice. You should reaallllly watch this if you have some time. It's a little cheesy at first, but once it gets going you will be amazed with pigs and glad to share the earth with them.

Braids Inspiration Interview Ableton


Abelton has been a huge inspiration with how we compose music as of late. I find it to be the program that best combines technology and art. Other programs feel really devoid of music and feel quite sterile, but Abelton is very natural and never strays too far from the music, you don't get lost often in this program. If you have been thinking of getting into it you should. The link is for a free trial version of Abelton 9.

Little Drug Trips

It's important to leave yourself for awhile and force yourself to think differently. I don't think it's good to do too often, but in moderation, drug trips can be so inspiring and very eye opening. But like little doses. I don't like when it gets too intense. It's too bad that drugs have such a negative stigma in our culture, and I think it's from being used too heavily. Drugs can be a dark thing, especially if you're using them to avoid your reality, but if you use them to open up your reality, then I think it's a positive experience.


Very inspiring. 

Listen to BRAIDS latest single 'In Kind', below. 

BRAIDS new album Flourish // Perish is out now on Full Time Hobby. 
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