Inspiration: Circa Waves

14 May 2014

It's Reeves & Mortimer, Rodney Mullen, Shit Jobs and Ambitious Indie that inspires Liverpudlians, Circa Waves


Liverpudlians Circa Waves have had a pretty fun time of it since they decided to get together and bash out some tunes. Responsible for one of the bigggest buzzes that industry types and those in the know had come across in ages, even those less concerned with these kind of things would have noticed the meteoric rise of the early twenty-somethings. A debut single came out via our mates Transgressive, the coveted opening slot on the NME tour was all theirs - along with the magazine declaring them the great new hope for guitar music - and a debut LDN show at the Sebright Arms will go down in the eyes of many as one of the best the venue has seen. They're working on an album, constantly on the road and doing all of the things you'd expect of a band tipped for a certain type of greatness that really doesn't come along very often. This in mind, we wanted to get to know the boys in the band on a personal level and find out what inspires their lives and art. In doing so, we discovered a love for Reeves & Mortimer, genius street-skaters, shit jobs and, perhaps most importantly, ambitious indie. Get to know the chaps in the centre of the storm, below. 

Giles Peterson

Giles is the ultimate audiophile, champion of new music and barometer of taste. The man is a walking Encyclopedia and even in his 50s he has a voracious appetite for the new and innovative. His complete love for music is infectious, and his record collection immense. All music lovers should look up to this guy.

Arcade Fire - Funeral

A record that inspires us massively. It somehow manages to sound huge but stays intimate at the same time.

Rodney Mullen

Rodney Mullen is a genius and can shred a skateboard like no man alive. He is the god father of skating and is the catalyst for an entire sub-culture. He is also the nicest guy ever. If everyone was like Rodney Mullen the world would be a happier and gnarlier place.

Bloc Party - Silent Alarm

An amazing album with incredible production. The way this was played and recorded really brought "indie" music to a new level. It's a record you can dance your head off to and also one that you can sit down, chill out and enjoy.

The Camp & Furnace

This is a big old building right by our practice room that was converted in to a bar. When we started the band and were getting to know each other we would spend many a night in their after rehearsal drinking and chatting nonsense.

Shit jobs

There's nothing more inspiring than spending time doing a terrible job for minimum wage. Between us we've worked in call centres, factories and cleaned student houses amongst various other things. It tends to put you in your head a lot and you begin to start trying to find ways to get out and start doing the things that you want to be doing with your life.

Dave Grohl

Dave Grohl has always been a big influence. Aside from being in two of the biggest rock bands ever he still seems to keep his feet firmly on the ground. He's had a long career and consistently makes great music. Oh, and he's cool as fuck.

The Kazimier, Liverpool

The Kazimier is hands down the best venue in Liverpool. It's an unassuming looking building tucked away in a square surrounded by car parks, but inside is a beautiful old style wooden theatre. It's one of those venues that every musician in the city wants to play and we've all been to some incredible gigs in there; the kind of gigs that make you want to go home early, play guitar all night and sort your shit out. The audience are staggered on steps, so when it's rammed it feels like they're on top of you. At last year’s Sound City the Oh Sees packed the place out, creating havoc and causing a 'where were you when....' moment that people in the city still talk about.

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer

We all grew up watching Shooting Stars and love everything that Vic and Bob have done. When Circa Waves started, it was probably the first thing that we realised we were all in to. I suppose it should have been something musical really but for us it was these guys. Our first rehearsals were a mix of playing songs and crafting our Doctor Shakamoto impressions.

Almost Famous (film)

We watched this in the van recently and it's great for inspiration on the road. It's essentially an exaggerated love letter to bands on the road in the 70's. Sometimes being in a van all day can be a bit tedious but this film highlights all the best bits about travelling. And Fever Dog is pure genius.

Watch the video for Circa Waves latest single 'Stuck in My Teeth' below. 


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