INSPIRATION: Mozart Parties

19 Mar 2012

"Mozart Parties is the first to step up to new RFB column Inspiration. Find out what it is about 'Fout Tet documentaries, stylish music videos, oddball singer-songwriters and that Federer shot' that inspires him."


Inspiration is a new column for Rockfeedback in which we ask some of our favourite artists just exactly what it is that they find inspiring and more importantly, why? First up is Mozart Parties who talks us through his appreciation for Four Tet documentaries, styish music videos, oddball singer-songerwrites and that Federer shot. 

'Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid 'Tongues' A Film'

"I have always been fascinated by this collaboration and enjoyed the music, but this video gives an amazing insight into it all. For a start, just seeing Kieran Hebden explain how the hell he makes all those noises is an education in itself, but seeing how it comes together both as a studio and live project, as well as some great interviews, makes this a bloody must-watch."

'The XX - Islands'

"This is up there with my favourite music videos ever. It's just so fucking stylish and mesmerizing..It oozes class with a sort of understated approach. I think it takes real skill for a video to truly mirror the sound of a record, but this is done exquisitely."

'Antony And The Johnsons - Hope There's Someone (Jools Holland Performance)'

I'm not generally one for listening to live versions much, in my opinion they are best left to listen to when you're actually there, but I remember watching this when it was originally played on Jools Holland and it just blew me away. I mean Antony Hegarty's voice it's just ridiculous isn't it? I've still never heard anything like it before. Unbelievable.

'Roger Federer's genius shot at the 2009 US Open'

I've always been a sports fan and find myself in awe of this guy. What's amazing about this video is that you could not give a shit about tennis and still be staggered by what he actually does. In the semi finals of a massive tournament. If that's not inspiration, then inspiration doesn't exist. I feel like that's a good quote to end on. 

Mozart Parties plays a Rockfeedback 'New Ideas' show at The Lexington on Tuesday the 20th of March. Click here for more info.

Check out Mozart Parties exclusive RFB Mixtape below. 

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