Inspiration: Only Real

08 Oct 2013

RFB talks to Niall Galvin, aka Only Real, about the inspiration he draws from skateboarders, live sessions and space.

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London-based psychadelic wordsmith, Only Real, aka Niall Galvin, has been wowing RFB with his bedroom produced beats and bashful lyricism for a long time now. His feel-good summer anthem 'Backseat Kissers' released just over a year ago on ASL Records turned into the soundtrack to a hazy summer spent winding between Olympic throngs and over-zealous volunteers and it's been an agonising wait since then for a more fully-fledged release.

But with a new EP Days In The City, released last week on Luv Luv Luv Records, we caught up with Niall to talk about the inspiration behind his DIY sound. It's every bit as eclectic as you'd expect,. Below, Niall talks RFB through the sources he draws upon for Only Real; live sessions, skateboarders and space.

Warpaint - Stars (Live Session)
This is just such a good session like the sound is so on point and then its shot really well and then its also just a really inspiring song, i love warpaint i got in to them really late like only a coupla months a go but now i love them a lot. I like it alot.
Naruto (Series 1) - End Credits
This is the end credits to the first series of Naruto. I know its really corny lyrically but i love it so much. The show is so disgustingly motivational and always makes me want to work hard and achieve my goals. It hits me with such intense nostalgic pangs, it really takes me back to when I first watched the first episodes. Naruto is probably my second or first favourite show and it's also definitely maybe my first favourite escapism world. I used to be kind of into that anime world but it's pretty time consuming  and you can easily get too involved and then you dont have any mates and you dont write any songs.
Oasis - Slide Away (Glastonbury 1995)
Oh maaate. 
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A Nebula
This is a Nebula. Nebulas and jellyfish are the only two things im scared of but nebulas i admit are really cool. There just fully mental looking things.
Keenan Milton - Yeah Right! (2003)
This is something I really do take a lot of life inspiration from. Hear the passion in his voice when he says how perfect the trick was at 1.02, that's just raw passion and I respect that a lot. I have always been really moved by this guys premature death. i just think he was a really cool guy who was a really sick skateboarder and the video really represents fun and passion. I guess in a way i aspire to that with my video things.
Listen to Only Real's latest release, 'Lemonade', below. 


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