Instruction - ‘The Great EP’ (Gravity Dip)

30 Dec 2003

debut-release from varied member supergroup; release - '03.

Instruction - 'The Great EP'

They're an arrogant bunch, Instruction. After all, The Beatles never released 'The Excellent Album', we never had 'A Really Good Song' by Nirvana, did we? So what right has this debut EP got to its name?

In fact, it's got every right. For one thing, being the product of a band consisting of ex-members of such achingly cool and underground acts as Quicksand and Error Type 11 almost guarantees the press seal of approval, but the music itself is nothing short of vital. As confirmed by the devastating intensity of this EP from beginning to end, Instruction are an angry bunch of guys. They're livid about a lot of things, but it's the current music-climate that seems to have got them most annoyed - how's about 'Death To The Four Car Garage Band' and 'Your Punk Sucks' for some sweeping genre-bashing statements. However, you've realised by now that this egotism is exactly what Instruction are all about. 'The Great EP' is how good guitar-music should be.

No song in existence kicks in better than the opening 'Great', all mountainous riffs and front man Arty Shepard rabidly shouting his self-fulfilling prophecy - 'you are going to be nothing, but I'm already great.' Such quality, not to mention blind confidence, stretches throughout every track, from a remarkably edgy 'Your Punk Sucks' through the frustrated post-punk of the mighty 'Pissed Me Off Again'. 'Death to the Four Car Garage Band' slows the pace somewhat, but passion is never in question. Instruction know they are making a sound that nobody can afford to ignore.

Your punk sucks. Our punk, frankly, is 'Great'.

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