Interview: FAMY World Cup Special

11 Jul 2014

"We just really love football..." RFB caught up with FAMY ahead of this Sunday's World Cup final to find out what it is about the beautiful game they hold so close to their hearts.


Famy Interview Ava Donkey We Fam Econo World Cup

They play the beautiful game, but they’re also in a band. They themselves are unsure as to which contains the most emotion and dénouement. Football. It came, it saw, it panenka’d. Just as your post-World Cup blues are about to arrive, so is FAMY’s latest EP, ‘Ava’. Whether its being a shoulder to cry on for David Luiz or shoulder to bite on for Luis Suarez; FAMY are sure to console and enthrall you. Anthemicly rich choral sounds, from this South of France raised/London residing group, are nothing but the perfect compliment to a fine Summer of gorging on the Coupe Du Monde. We caught up with the band - Bruce & Arthur Yates and Luca Galbiati - to talk kick ups and Cantona.

Photos by Alex F. Webb.


Where does football begin for FAMY?

Bruce: We used to play on the beach in the South of France. It was really good and there were always people there who you could challenge.

What kind of people?

Arthur: The French

Bruce: Yeah, the locals. You’d go down and you’d either play football or petanque, and we played football.

You guys hate petanque?

Bruce: No, we just really love football.

Which club team do you support?

Arthur: Marseille. We grew up round there, so the place we’d go and watch games was the Velodrome. It’s a massive stadium, like a...

Luca: A Velodrome. Is exactly what its like. 

Arthur: Yeah. They have a very specific culture, the Marseille football team as well. Everyone goes out there, in the sun, and its very lawless. People can sit where they like, the fans almost run the stands.

Do you guys consider yourselves Ultras?

B: Well, Marseille fans are split into all different sections. On the North side, I think some of the fans are called Dodgers. On the Virage Sud they’re called the Ultra Commandos 1984, and we sat with them. So I guess we are Ultras.

Are the Marseille Ultras FAMY fans?

L: Erm, I think they are...

B: We actually incorporated the big fans songs onto a song off our album. The intro of our album is the Marseille supporter’s song.

A: We’re thinking about doing all the fans greatest hits for our next album.

What aspect of football would best describe FAMY?

A: Probably an own goal.

B: Marcelo own goal. Classic FAMY moment.

And which of the FAMY boys can do the most kick ups?

B: Arthur. Undisputed.

L: Undisputed champion.

What’s your earliest football memory?

B: Probably France ’98.

A: Yeah, I actually remember quite specifically. It was the England Vs. Argentina game, the 2-2, and Bruce was playing a school concert or something.  Then England scored that ridiculous Michael Owen goal.

B: Everyone who wasn’t playing in the school concert was waiting in another room. It was in a church, the concert, and everyone was waiting in this little hall - tuning up their instruments or something, and when England scored, there was a massive clamor from backstage and everyone stopped watching the show.

And where were you for the infamous penalty shoot out which saw England sent home early?

B: Well, I remember I’d finished my part by then. We were in a gymnasium, all the students and teacher’s crowded round this little TV that they’d set up in the middle. That’s a pretty vivid and early footballing memory. And it was amazing and amazing for France as well, because of the team they had at the time. All the multi-cultural players playing together. It’s stuff like that, that we love about football.

What did you guy’s think of Zidane’s headbutt in 2006?

B: I don’t remember exactly where I was, but Luca - who’s Italian - was definitely celebrating. There are a lot of Italians in the South of France, it was great watching that final there.

A: It was Zidane’s Mersault moment wasn’t it.

What would someone have to say to you, to cause you to headbutt them?

L: Off the record, I’ve got a person. They probably didn’t say anything to us, not verbally. But they’re probably the Materazzi of our career.

A: Just put Cantona's “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea” for Luca’s answer.

Famy Interview Ava Donkey World Cup

When you’ve watched the different nations this World Cup, which one has been the most FAMY?

A: I’d like to say Germany, but we’re Costa Rica. The underdogs.

B: We’d take it to penalties and then try our luck.

L: Algeria’s also a pretty good example.

Why are you guys like Algeria?

L: Well, they almost beat Germany.

So you almost beat the version of you yourselves that you would like to be?

A: Exactly what I was going to say. Yes.

L: Algeria is also a very famous French colony, home of Albert Camus and Zizou.

What have been your favourite moments of this tournament?

A: The 7-1, Tuesday night, was pretty great. It felt like a big moment. It was emotional, that was very memorable.

L: I think Van Persie’s goal, the header, that was the first of many great goals. That really started the World Cup.

B: I always look forward to those iconic goals that you know are going to be seen forever and ever and ever.

And what have your favorite celebrations been?

A: Miroslav Klose, not landing the flip. Classic. A front flip, phenomenal.

B: Was it Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, that kicked the corner flag? That was good.

L: James Rodriguez and that massive grasshopper was a great celebration. It was about as big as Valbuena.

Would any of the stars of the World Cup make into the FAMY band?

A: We’d just take a drummer. Probably a Brazilian cause they have great rhythm.

If you were commissioned to do a World Cup song, would you do it?

B: Hell yes.

A: Qatar 2022?

B: I think we could. Seriously, we would do a really good one. It would be really anthemic.

A: Sepp Blatter, if you’re reading this, we’re in.

B: Well, he’ll be out. It will be Platini.

Would you go more Baddiel & Skinner or New Order?

B: I actually really like the Baddiel & Skinner one.

You wouldn’t have a player rapping in the middle?

A: It wouldn’t be like Pitbull if that’s what you’re getting at? We wouldn’t “feat” Pitbull.

What do you think is harder, recording an album or competing in the World Cup?

B: Competing in a World Cup. The thing about music is you can get it wrong. In a world cup, there’s 3pts on the line, you win or lose. There are a lot of grey areas in music.

With the World Cup ending on Sunday, how is your new single ‘Ava’ a remedy for post-World Cup blues?

A: More sadness.

B; Either more sadness or more moments of triumph.

B: It covers both, so you’re sorted. Especially if you’re a Brazil fan.

And finally, who’s going to win the World Cup on Sunday?

B: Germany. It’s Germany’s era now.

A: Germany, because of efficiency. We live in a world of efficiency...

Watch the video for FAMY's new single 'Ava' below. 

Famy Interview Ava Donkey We Fam Econo World Cup

Ava' is released on July 21st via Transgressive Records. FAMY play a RFB Concert at London's Lexington on July 30th. Tickets available here.

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