Iron Maiden - ‘Death On The Road’ (EMI)

07 Sep 2005

they might get kicked off ozzfest, but we'd back the 'maiden any day...; release - '05.

Iron Maiden - 'Death...''Death On The Road' is the appropriately-titled double live album recorded during Iron Maiden's 'Dance of Death' European tour in 2003.

Nowadays, the metal legends look about as intimidating and terrifying as Jo Brand after a night out on the pies, but the beauty of this album is that you get to experience the full aural assault of their music without being crushed or burned alive in a riot, injured by violent air guitar or blinded by sweaty metal hair thrashing up and down. Or having Sharon Osbourne f**k up the pyro-show.

Hearing the audience chanting along, the impromptu virtuosity and improvised musicianship that you only get from a live performance, this is most assuredly an enhanced listen and the LP belongs alongside classics such as 'Number of the Beast' and 'Seventh Son of the Seventh Son.' One for die-hard fans and alumni of the school of rock.

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