Iron Maiden - ‘No More Lies’ (EMI)

12 Apr 2004

another lifting from the 'dance of death' lp; release - '04.

Iron Maiden - 'No More Lies'

Irk; it's time to leather up and rev the motorbike, because the Grandad Vikings of metal are back.

With 'No More Lies', Iron Maiden unleash another rampant beast of guitar-wielding riffage and guitar-scaling melodies; a beast that takes no prisoners and tortures small animals and children. As dictated by tradition and folklore, the song begins with a slow but legendary Arabian-style intro, rousing then mutating into a mighty call to the Iron masses; for, there are self-proclaimed 'Maiden fans, closet fans, and then those in denial. To say, however, that this band is nothing short of stoical and menacing brilliance would be an act of bodacious sacrilege, dude. These fans are not only the stallion-haired, black t-shirt brandishing type called Chun, who live in the Welsh valleys and keep pet wolves, but face it, they are secretly you, and they are me. This seven-minute epic will demand of you, your heart, your soul, extreme air-guitar posturing and unrestrained primeval head-banging.

Those who refuse to worship at the Iron altar? Run to the hills and for your lives, and mothers, lock away your daughters - from the 'Chuns' of this world at least.

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