Jetplane Landing - ‘There Is No Real Courage…’ (Smalltown America)

17 Dec 2004

the most bizarre 'single' we've come across... it's 23 tracks long; release - '04.

Jetplane Landing - 'There Is...''These tracks are totally unaltered and very raw - we hope you enjoy them in the spirit of this release.'

Uh-oh; an apology on your own record. Jetplane Landing, it was your decision to release a 23-song single, not ours.

But we admire your ambition. A band consistently flawless in the live-domain, the Landing have embarked on their most ambitious talking-point, aural exertion yet: a single, the quite stonking 'There Is No Real Courage Unless There Is Real Danger', backed with a full live performance (as captured at Islington Academy, pre-summer, '04), acoustic demo recordings, and a Student Broadcast Network radio-session. It lasts six seconds shy of eighty minutes.

But why all this? The fact most of it wasn't ever really intended for release cripplingly shows - demos, recorded straight to tape, lack any form of spherical sonic quality, the live-performance is mixed chaotically, and there's the nagging sense that indulgence wins out over truly satisfying what any potential fan may demand. It's more is less.

That said, we're still in awe of their balls. The fact few would bother but consistently striving, rowdy upstarts JL is possibly the most attractive selling-point.

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