Kanye West - ‘Black Skinhead’ (Watch)

09 Jul 2013

Yeezus is back with a video as bold and confrontational as his new record. 


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In the words of late American composer, pianist and actor Oscar Levant, "it's a fine line between genius and insanity". Whilst some have hailed the return of Kayne West with new album Yeezus as a work of genius, others have suggested it infact represents the sound of the rapper going insane. Here at RFB, we're pretty sure it's both. Levant went on to say "I have erased that line" and so in turn perhaps has K-West. 

The man who recently declared to fans "I am God!" released the video for the most bombastic track from his new record 'Black Skinhead' today and true to form it is as outlandish, bold and strangely hypnotising as the album. Featuring a larger than life CGI Kanye rapping between frames of unidentifiable creatures and symbols, this is a dark piece of animated surrealism and one that serves as a beautifully egotistical visual accompaniment to a truly confrontational track.

Watch the video for 'Black Skinhead' below...

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