Kanye West & Jay Z - Shoreditch, London - 9/2/12(?)

09 Feb 2012

The definitive report of this evening's surprise Watch The Throne show in Shoreditch, brought to you this afternoon.

It’s already well over a year since Kanye West released what is likely to be his masterpiece album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but his star is still the brightest in the rap world. The announcement of a secret gig somewhere in North London on the 9th February is exactly the kind of thing you would expect of a maverick producer/rapper/fashionista/philosopher, which is why he is never likely to actually do it, but maybe that’s what he wants you to think, or maybe it’s not, or maybe it’s just reverse psychology, or perhaps it isn’t, but it might be, it bloody well just might be.

Those who anticipated the double/triple/multiple bluffs, and made their way down to Shoreditch today were drawn from a wide spectrum of music loving, twitter following, blog scouring, beard owning rap fans/celebrity whores/hipsters, all of whom were moist with anticipation for the Big Daddy Ye’s appearance/non appearance.

Archbishop West aka Kanye ‘Andre 3000’ West isn’t one to keep his public waiting, and true to form he was bang on time at 5pm for his big entrance, strutting on to the stage to Clint Mansell’s 'Requiem For A Dream Theme' and clutching the customary can of Coke Zero in his gold-encrusted hand.

The infamous sense of humour of Chairman Yeezy was apparent from his attire, seemingly satirising the fact that London Fashion Week is happening at some point soon/happened fairly recently or whatever, I don’t care, piss off. The music was pretty good and depending on whether Jay Z turned up or not they might have performed some tracks from the Watch The Throne album that wasn’t as good as either MBDTF or a Jay Z album that I can’t be bothered to look up on Wikipedia.

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