Kevin Morby - Parade (Listen)

27 Aug 2014

Kevin Morby announces a new solo album and shares 'Parade'


Teasing out affection in a soft-breathed cool, Kevin Morby gives us 'Parade'. His usual concoction of loose natured personal dream-ache, but this time with added heart as he pays his respects to the late Lou Reed. The calming and full band sound from his previous release remains, but here he perhaps expresses a greater urgency in his lyrics rather than sound. Confidential and communal, 'Parade' sees him wrangle with death as an exposure of the true self, Reed's own sentiments from 'Sweet Jane' coming to mind: "Anyone that ever played a part, they wouldn't turn around and hate it". The song patters, then grows; guitars, bass, drums, keys, vocalists then saxophone, in eventual warm unison. Morby confides " If you come to search for what is lost, then may you find it, may you find it,  at any cost ". Each sound, each aspect of the composition, the layers of influence, play on how he feels now, but also how 'Loaded', 'VU' and 'Transformer' made him feel.

As on Morby's last album, 'Harlem River', he juggles the intimacies of New York, the people and his experiences there, with the wild openness of his new surroundings out West, and in particular California. 'Parade' sets up his new album, 'Still Life and Rejects From the Land of Misfitoys', superbly, wetting the appetite for all those eagerly awaiting another troubadour's serenade akin to Cass McCombs or Leonard Cohen. Morby's solo recordings take off the crunch and reckless nature of his shining LPs under his other moniker, The Babies, and deliver him composed. Once again, towards the middle of the track, catch a twinkling heartfelt guitar solo, only a few bars long, that is measured and touching. It doesn't last long, but, like Reed, it expresses more that its fair share in its brief palpable moment.

'Still Life and Rejects From the Land of Misfitoys' is released on Woodsist October 13th.

Kevin Morby plays the Shacklewell Arms on 22nd September. Buy tickets here.



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