Klaxons - Golden Skans (Rinse)

16 Dec 2006

this track is a bitch; release - '07

Klaxons - Golden SkansJust as I was getting my breath back from swimming around in floods of my own sweat created by hundreds of people bouncing off each other while throwing glow sticks into the air in praise of 'Magick', Klaxons unveil their next step to total global obliteration. A step called 'Golden Skans'.

Klaxons have the intangible ability to make you feel completely degraded and raped by their music and this sarcastically soulful hymn is by no stretch of reality an exception. The confusing yet driving vocals shove the choral make-up of sweeping and sluggish harmonies along at a pace curiously reminiscent of The Human League before winding down into a sleepy and restful morose dream.

This is a bitch of a track with mountains of what make the Klaxons so damn entrancing and pushes even harder on what we have come to take for granted from this constantly evolving field.

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