Kosheen - Damage (UMVD)

20 Nov 2007

"the sort of dance music you'd never actually dance to..."; release - '07

Kosheen - DamageKosheen are one of those peculiar bands apparently without a fan base, although they certainly made a few admirers following a savage live show at Guilfest a few years back. They seem to suffer from too little publicity and no image to speak of. They seem to exist solely to contribute to track listings of Head Kandi downbeat compilations, which is a shame, as they produce some barnstorming dance tracks, at times in the trip-hop genre, others in the stadium house mould of Faithless, and in the case of the title track here, an atmospheric, synth-sweeped plea to the damage we have done - which if you download only one atmospheric, synth-sweeped plea this year, make it this one.

Due to the lack of variety in vocal arrangements, or indeed any other voices, and the possible overuse of one word titles, as a whole the album can blend into one, but there are standouts, such as 'Overkill' with its staccato keyboards, rock chords, and a warbling melodic motif that hits all the right places.

They are better at the downbeat, though 'Guilty' is frankly just a little too much of a guilty pleasure, though its made up for by 'Chances', which utilises some cheeky trance-like tricks of sequencer stabs and that great sense of foreboding that electronica can provide when done well, which this does.

Acoustic guitars blend sublimely with the arrangements on the chunky lyrical 'Out Of This World', an example of how the lyrics unfortunately too often feel like an afterthought. But this subtle orchestrated touch is also all over 'Not Enough Love', with gentle guitars and tightly looped vocals, though is another example of a song title you'd have to ask to introduce itself twice upon first meeting, before promptly forgetting it again.

Ultimately it's slightly dated, though not without merit, dance music, the sort of dance music you'd never actually dance too, but might well enjoy driving to, which of course sounds dangerous and therefore you did not read it here.

Stream four tracks from 'Damage' HERE.

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