Kylie - X (Parlophone)

18 Dec 2007

if you think about it, kylie's a lot like jarvis, thurston and devendra... if only in that you seem to need to use just the one name; release - '07

Kylie - XThe shiny happy cover of this album lit me up: Kylie's doing a Bowie. She's Lady Stardust herself, the original princess of pop, all gloss and shine and tone divine - pretty impressive given her latest brush with mortality and the consequential physical strain.

And yet Kylie paints make-up prettily on the face of adversity. She looks and sounds great. True, the latter half of the album is not very interesting other than as a pleasant enough background sound of noise - but the first half of her record - especially '2 Hearts', a majorly addictive little love song that I listen to on repeat on the grey ugly tube on my way back from the Rockfeedback offices. Quite simply, that song makes me happy. Just disco, just light and easy and sultry and all those things that sometimes people forget to put in pop. Those little "oohs" - so refreshing.

I mean with every other pop star being either tediously nymphomaniac or sounding like the soundtrack to a train wreck comedown, it's great to hear Kylie's old school approach to the genre. She sounds like she's been dancing to Bowie and Soft Cell records with The Sounds and Dragonette. She sounds like she's having fun. And if Kylie's happy, that makes me happy.

Watch the video to '2 Hearts' HERE.

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