Larrikin Love - A Day In The Life (Infectious)

20 Dec 2006

or to use it's far superior album title, 'well, love does furnish a life'; release - '06

Larrikin Love - A Day In The LifeLarrikin Love have become the archetype of how to be a successful and unique indie band in 2006, led by their beyond brilliant debut album 'The Freedom Spark', they've stripped down what music is and rebuilt it in their own incomprehensible yet delicious manner.

Nothing is off the menu when it comes to these guys, least of all collaborations with influential artists such as Jamie T. In 'A Day In The Life' (or, as it's titled on the album, 'Well, Love Does Furnish A Life') the LL brigade polish off their finest and catchiest tune yet and have even taken the time to wobble some even better lyrical content than we're used to over the top of it.

Growing from the usual ironic and witty verse that garnish all Larrikin songs comes a remarkable and memorable chorus forming one of the albums vocal highlights, (you know, the "it's a day in the life of you, whoa uh oh" one...) before Mr T's inevitably strained vocals take control and collapse the melody into an incredible nothingness. This is a single that can make you feel intense about music and remind you why you love it, and so few compositions can claim such an inspiring posture.

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