Le Reno Amps - Wound Up (Pet Piranha)

06 Mar 2007

shimmering, buzzcockian perfect indie-pop from glasgow; release - '07

Le Reno Amps - Wound UpI've got a confession to make - for some reason I love all Glasgow bands (well, especially the art-school types). So, I was quietly confident that this was going to be a winner before I even whacked it into the cd player. And, as you could probably have guessed, I was not disappointed.

However, I was expecting some sort of Josef K / Orange Juice type pop romp, so it was with some surprise that a sound referencing the likes of Buzzcocks, the La's and most notably (and most thrillingly) Violent Femmes emanated from the speakers.

At exactly three minutes long, it literally couldn't be any more perfect as an indie pop song. Sun drenched, yet in a sticky summer day in Glasgow's rougher estates rather than a Californian freeway kind of way, it is a genuinely brilliant piece of music. It's spiky, raucous in a genteel way, and in short probably the best song I've heard this year. Well worth checking out.

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