Lemon Jelly - ‘Stay With You’ (XL)

17 Dec 2004

the bubblegum dance-pop duo ply more of their infectious, elated extravagance; release - '04.

Lemon Jelly - 'Stay With You'With packaging so lushly vacuum-wrapped we can barely open it, and a b-side entitled 'The Fruity Song', it's clear little's changed in the Lemon Jelly camp.

Nor would we want it to. At a time of year where our nostrils are filling with frozen snot, it's a tepid comfort to remember that LJ are so fervently unpretentious and uplifting that we need never ponder, 'Bah, humbug' ever again. 'Stay With You' samples classic soul, loops bright, trance-like synths and evokes the sort of sheer jubilant spirit that other, diminishing dance contemporaries consistently fail to bother conjuring. It's to the Jelly's merit, and continued stealth.

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