Liars - ‘It Fit When I Was A Kid EP’ (Mute)

20 Dec 2005

ever shape-shifting expera-weirdoes clad current release with porn artwork. salute them; release - '05.

imageFirst, amazingly taut punk-funk music, then on to witchcraft-obsessed concept albums which sounded like your own perversely enjoyable death. Expect nothing from a Liars release, good listener, and merely get what you are given. Even if as in this case, what you're given is clad in hardcore homosexual pornography.

Pictures of Father Christmas, (albeit partially censored) man on man inter violation and the promise of 'Slammin' Beats!' all adorn the garish pink package. Inside, it sounds like the big black cloud of death that floats over London as I write this. Seriously, dude.

The EP's title track is a rumbling, guttural rhythmic exercise moaned over in curious words by Angus Andrew's lingering, nonchalant tones. It's a hit, and naturally there's a banging techno remix of it as the last tune ('Don't Techno For An Answer'), but sandwiched between are the seething Dalek hums of 'The Frozen Glacier of Mastodon Blood' and its counterpart 'Bingo! Draculuck', which just sounds like being totally lost in a tin mine, to be overlooked only by idiots.

Utterly ludicrous and without a tune in sight, but nonetheless, the fact that Liars exist is cause for celebration. Whilst the feeling remains that they might not be the most technically astounding musicians, what they do have is a way of executing ideas in such a spooky, uneasy way that it puts them in a league all of their own. This is a band who beckon you hither with a wide eyed call of "one of us, one of us...", and an invitation you should certainly accept.

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