Lockdownfeedback - Born Ruffians

17 Nov 2020

Canadian indie pop trio Born Ruffians are here to help get you through Lockdown 2

Mitch, Steve and Luke of Born Ruffians make shimmering, feel good indie rock and their 2020 albums SQUEEZE and JUICE have been on our playlists all year. The trio have kindly agreed to give us their tips for staying busy and positive during Lockdown.

Mitch Derosier:
1. I’ve been cooking a lot more. I’m using a service that deliver you fresh ingredients for the week and recipes. I made pad Thai. Not the most adventurous thing but hey it beats frozen pizzas (I still make frozen pizzas).

2. I got a bike recently, which as a person who has lived in Toronto for a decade and a half, is a little late. But I’m a clumsy person by nature and always assumed I’d end up wiping out on the streetcar tracks. But now I’m fearless and bike to the park to read a book, living life on the edge.

Steve Hamelin:
3. I drank beer and painted Dungeons and Dragon models. While not new hobbies for me, I very much rediscovered my love of both. They go hand in hand.

Luke Lalonde:
4. I’m relearning how to read music and play piano because Harry Connick Jr. used targeted ads to snare me into downloading a piano lesson app.

5. We got a dog right before the pandemic so I spend the rest of my time trying to make her love me.

Born Ruffians are set to play London in March 2021. Get tickets now!

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