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25 Mar 2020

The wonderful London in Stereo swap gigs for quilts, podcasts and cookery

The second installment of our Lockdownfeedback series, giving you tips for the best Lockdown friendly activities, comes from London In Stereo's Editor Jess Partridge. The magazine covers the best music around and is an invaluable source of live music listings and reviews. They're taking a break for a few months with everything that's going on but they're raising money to pay their crack team of freelance staff and donate to food charity The Trussel Trust by selling prints and postcards from everyone's favourite artist, Babak Ganjei! Buy yourself a print and check our Jess's tips below:

Learning via Podcast
We're total podcasts obsessives at the best of times so this habit really comes into its own when stuck at home all the time, even better if you actually get to learn something via them (and you know, actually escape the virus news too), Invisibilia is one of our absolute faves, there's some great episodes in there so just scroll through until you find a subject that grabs your attention, who knows where it might take you.

Working at home needs a playlist, that's just a fact. Every week we go through and find all our favourite releases, and that won't stop now that's for sure. So if you're looking for a dose of the best new music then take in the wide variety of genres we love here.

Say what you want about quilting - yes I know it makes me sound ancient - but it's a great way to pass the time and feel like you're achieving something while binge-watching TV shows (absolutely no judgement). Easy to do by hand, get out some old clothes and cut them up. You might surprise yourself.

I dunno if it was a mistake but I introduced my parents to Houseparty this week and now I can see this lockdown being full of terrible games of pictionary and introducing my parents to random friends with the shared feed. An absolute blast imo.

Cooking Dishoom
Okay so we can't all get access to Dishoom's absolutely unreal food right now but we can emulate (and master) it - find some of our absolute fave dishes on the Guardian's preview of their cookbook.

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