Lockdownfeedback with Peggy Sue

26 Mar 2020

Peggy Sue recommend songs of loneliness and optimism in this confusing time

Indie-folk duo Peggy Sue have just released their new album, Vices, and were due to be playing The Dome very soon but unfortunately that's had to be postponed until this October but to keep us going whilst we're all in lockdown, we asked the band's Katy Young to put together a playlist for us and give us some suggestions on activities to get us through the next few weeks. 

Check out her playlist, Hope You're Holding Up, featuring the likes of Dry Cleaning, Japanese Breakfast and Molly Nilsson.

Listen: Reverberation Radio /// There are 2000+ ridiculously great songs on these 10-track playlists made by members of the Allah-Las 

Watch: OJ: Made in America /// This epic documentary about race, gender, celebrity and everything else in the US is on iPlayer and is so good

Read: The Neapolitan Quartet by Elena Ferrante // A bit like reading the plot of 30 years of an incredibly entertaining high brow soap opera, that also really honestly explains a lot about female friendship and teaches you some Italian history

Listen: The Memory Palace /// These podcasts are super short true stories told like fiction. I'm always trying to tell people what they are about and then giving up and getting them to just listen for themselves. 

Do: Miranda July's 'Learning to love you more' project was 70 random assignments that are documented here. It's finished now but the assignments live on.

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