Lockdownfeedback with Rachel Hiley

01 Apr 2020

Friend of RFB, Rachel Hiley, takes on Lockdownfeedback today

There’s many interpretations of this. Definitely go for your government-sanctioned daily exercise each day; even if you’re not ready to take up running or don’t have a bike, if you’re feeling low going for a walk around the block will do wonders for your mental health.

Other ways to stay active include: supporting your immediate community by joining your local mutual aid Facebook group, write to your local MP about the government’s response to Covid-19, donate to your local foodbank or even drop a text to a friend you haven’t heard from for a while.

Although we may be physically isolated from one another, we’re all still there for each other! Don’t be afraid to reach out.

No, you don’t have to write the next great novel. It’s completely valid to spend this time concentrating on yourself and your happiness. Without the distractions of the everyday hustle, this is a great time to focus on activities and hobbies that bring you a sense of inner calm and fulfillment. Meditate, start therapy, bake bread, draw, keep a journal, do your nails or have a bath! Whatever makes you feel good, it’s totally allowed and encouraged right now.

There’s plenty of cool things to do on the Internet at the moment that’s not watching the horrors unfold on rolling news or endlessly scrolling through Netflix for something to watch.
Plenty of your favourite artists are streaming live performances (I had the best time watching Blanck Mass livestream from the comfort of my bed) but there’s a lot of people community-organising to bring workshops and even the pub quiz directly to your living room!

Check out The Remote Body for workshops, poetry readings and more

I, as VERHEXT, have curated a homage to 120 Minutes to be broadcasted on Wednesday 1st April from 10pm; soundtracking your quarantine with an eclectic selection of contemporary 6music bangers, leftfield weirdos and a handful of the best music videos since the birth of MTV. (Post-punk, EBM and something for everyone). We’ll be collecting donations for The Trussel Trust during the broadcast.

You can check that out here

Even though we can’t go to shows right now, there’s still loads of music coming out to listen to! Now, bands need your support more than ever so if you’re fortunate enough to remain financially stable during these unprecedented time, consider using that money you’ve saved on your monthly travel card to expanding your vinyl collection / band shirt wardrobe.
Some recent releases I’ve enjoyed:
Algiers – We Can’t Be Found 
Bambara – Stay Cruel 
Cindy Lee – Heavy Metal 
Dream Wife – Sports 
Lebanon Hanover – The Last Thing 
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Reducer
Porridge Radio – Sweet 

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