Lockdownfeedback with Signature Brew

27 Mar 2020

Charlie from Signature Brew shares his lockdown tips 

Signature Brew are one of our favourite breweries in London, their Kong beer created with Troxy is yes, and to get you through the lockdown they're selling everything you need to turn your front room into a pub all in one box including delicious booze, a pub quiz, beer mats, snacks, music and more. They're hiring musicians who've had tours cancelled to deliver the boxes around London too! We asked Charlie from Signature Brew for his Lockdown recommendations, check out his tips below...

Daft Punk's Interstella 5555
Listening to music I love in the background whilst working from the sofa is great but why not chuck in a wicked anime alongside it to watch in the background? 10/10. Discovery is my fav Daft Punk record and Toei Animation are absolute masters of their craft. The combination of the two is incredibly deserving of your time and is free to watch on youtube!

Animal Crossing
Making friends, filling up your islands museum, foraging for fruits and visiting your friends' islands is the most wholesome and lovely time! The game rewards you for checking in on your island for a few hours a day, it's absolutely perfect to add to your new daily schedule!

This service came at the perfect time! There's 30 full seasons of The Simpsons, there's reality TV series about people getting married in the Magic Kingdom, there's Jeff Goldblum showing you about the world. Honestly, why hasn't this been in my life for longer than this week! Pool your cash with your flatmates and get a membership or ask Tom Connick from Dirty Hit for his login, thanks tom!

Turn your flat into the club!
Now's the perfect time to sort through your record collection, get alphabetizing and tidying and then get set up for a DJ set in your gaff. Fortunate enough to have two turntables in our flat so we've set up a DJ booth in the kitchen ready for a mix every day. You can even live stream it to your mates, it's completely up to you whether or not you take requests! smiley

Supporting your favourite grassroots music venues
Almost all your favourite venues are having an incredibly tough time right now. We've all had to close shop for an uncertain length of time so here are a few that could do with your help. Brighton's Green Door Store has this wicked shirt for sale, Jaguarshoes/The Victoria is selling food boxes and have a buy it forward option on their site, but ultimately just buy some tickets for shows in the future! You'll have something to look forward to and all of us will appreciate you loads xo

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