Lockdownfeedback with Woody

15 Apr 2020

Longtime friend of RFB, Woody suggests some Lockdown friendly activities

As RFB's former production manager, Woody is responsible for producing some of our biggest and best events including By The Sea, Visions Festival and Flume at Ally Pally. He's kindly given us some tips to help you get through the Lockdown...

Deeper into Sci-Fi
I’ve long been a fan of Sci-Fi TV shows and films but have rarely dived deeper into some of the more off the beaten track options. I’ve recently started The Expanse and Travellers, which on the face of it look a bit shit, but once you get into them they become super compelling. If you want to start enjoying with the best options, The Battlestar Galactica reboot is pure gold.

Hanging out with cats
My cats are loving this time, we are with them 24 hours a day and can lavish them with attention, they are making the absolute best of this situation. I’ll be looking to share a few more Pippin and Dixie shenanigans on my instagram soon.

Working in events for the last 7-8 years, being a rep or production manager and never being home at sensible hours has left me with very limited culinary skills, so much so it’s become a really hard thing for to do with confidence, pride and without huge anxiety. Now there’s no avoiding it, so I’m looking to improve.

Reading comics again
I used to have a big love of comics and read them super regularly, my favourites being Y: The Last Man, Transmetropolitan, Saga, Paper Girls and Fables. Whilst also enjoying manga such as Ranma 1/2 and Master Keaton. If anyone has any recommendations send them my way.

Expanding my beer palette
Working in the beer industry has led me to discover some really interesting ‘drops’ recently. So I recommend trying some of the weird and wonderful, like The Northern Monk Mango Lassi or the Hammerton Crunch. Support your local beer shop during this time through online orders and you’ll have a world of delicious beers to try, I’m doing my weekly shop with the IndieBeer Shop at the moment.

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