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16 Dec 2008

given the festive break, this instance of 'tour of the week' covers a timely hoedown at which you should party hard enough that you'll only just have recovered in time for rockfeedback's return in '09 - 2 many djs and the whip spearheading the new years eve bash at matter.

2 Many Djs

New Year's Eve. Over the past few years, Rockfeedback have spent theirs dressed as various superstars of the eighties whilst rolling around on a beach, arguing loudly on a seemingly aimless night bus and being in no fit state to count ourselves members of the human race in terrifying warehouses in Hackney. Enough is enough.

A little snooping around reveals that some people have laid on hassle free events that you can just turn up and have a good time at. Simple. F**king genius idea. And the result of only a little further snooping reveals that the best of such events this year is, most likely, this...

We recently profiled new megaclub matter (DO NOT put a capital 'M' at the beginning of it, they hate that) and its arrival on the scene, thus, it's nice to see that they've put together a New Year's Eve line up that justifies all that biggin' up we did on its behalf. For, to end this year at London's 02 Arena, in exchange for forty English monies and a trip to North Greenwich, all the usual woes associated with what is otherwise likely to be the most disorganised night of your year will be eradicated as you dance like a loon to this lot:

Soulwax - 2 Many DJs (pictured above)

The Whip (Live)

Delphic (Live)

Filthy Dukes (Live & DJ)




Riotous Rockers

Nadia Ksaiba

See - that line up is so good it actually threatens to make The 02 cool. Doors open at 9pm and close at 7am the next morning, at which point it'll be 2009, and, officially, the future. Tickets are located HERE.

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