15 Feb 2016

All the gigs you need to be at. All the interviews you need to read.


You're busy. We know that. Between keeping tabs on your Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, Happn, Snapchat, Instagram and actually trying to exist in 3D in real life, it's exhausting being a human in the modern world.

That's why every Monday we'll be easing your load and pointing you in the direction of all the stuff that's gonna be making this coming week a little bit brighter - whether that be in the form of our own shows, gigs from our super cool mates that have got us excited or forthcoming features and interviews we've got lined up. Take a deep breath... and enjoy.



MONDAY: Polica @ Village Underground (SOLD OUT)

We've heard new album 'United Crushers' (due March 4) and it's easily the best thing Polica have done. Testing the boundaries of their comfort zone, it simultaneously draws on the soft sensuality of Channy Leaneagh's previous output while infusing it with new layers and extra clout. Catch it here and be one up on the rest of the world.


TUESDAY: Chinah + Anteros @ The Waiting Room 

Two hot new bands for the price of one, you say? Danish trio Chinah will be celebrating the release of their stunning new EP 'Once The Lights Come On', while Londoners Anteros have already sold out Notting Hill Arts Club of late on their own. If subtle, glacial synth pop is your thing then look no further.

Tickets and info here:


THURSDAY: Sunflower Bean + Oscar + Fish @ The Dome

This one's a bit exciting. First up are grunge kids Fish bringing the riffs, then we'll have our favourite pop maverick in the making Oscar on party-starting duty, with effortlessly excellent NY favourites Sunflower Bean - aka The Best New Band Of The Past 12 Months - rounding things off. They'll be bringing new LP 'Human Ceremony' out and frankly we cannot wait.

Tickets and info:



Foals @ Wembley Arena (Tuesday)

The first time Rockfeedback put on a Foals show was in 2006. Now they're headlining Wembley. Not saying that we have excellent taste but y'know... we'll let the facts speak for themselves. Celebrate the crowning of Yannis and co as kings of the live frontier on Tuesday. 

Mystery Jets/ Bill Ryder-Jones @ Brixton Electric (Tuesday)

Transgressive graduates and RFB faves Mystery Jets will also be gracing our fair city on Tuesday, bringing the blissed-out space rock vibes of current LP 'Curve Of The Earth' to Brixton. Former Coral man turned solo heart-melter Bill Ryder-Jones, meanwhile, will be in support ahead of his solo show at Scala on March 3 (info here:

Spring King @ 100 Club (Tuesday)

And just to confuse you even further, here's one more contender in Tuesday's almighty gig battle. Spring King might be the young guns of the pack but don't think they're going down without a fight. Off the back of fizzing new track 'Rectifier' and with a debut LP in the works, the group will be tearing the 100 Club a new one. 



WEDNESDAY: Backstage and on stage with Bill Ryder-Jones and Mystery Jets. Plus! All the goss from Foals at Wembley...

THURSDAY: Caribou tells us why Born Ruffians are still his favourite band (and why you should catch them live soon)

FRIDAY: All the pics from Sunflower Bean's biggest headline show to date, plus the Friday roundup of this week's best new music.

Plus! New gig announcements! New musical delights! General treats!

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