Morrissey - I Just Want To See The Boy Happy (Attack)

13 Dec 2006

this fine single caps off another fantastic post-wilderness year for a man who used to sing for some band or other; release - '06

Morrissey - I Just Want To See The Boy HappyIt's not The Smiths. Of course it's not the bloody Smiths. Let it go. Just drop the knife slowly try and try to calm yourself, sit down and relax - it's OK. It doesn't matter if it's not The Smiths. The Smiths are over. I know, I know, you really want it to be The Smiths but it's not the Smiths. Wipe the sweat from your brow and have a sip of Lemsip, get a blanket and we'll talk it over. Now, think about this for a bit - it's been years now, and Morrissey's done loads of albums. Try to become comfortable with the words 'it's... not... the... Smiths'.

It's Morrissey. And he's a quivering, velvet-soft genius. What he does is always charming and sincere, and I imagine he smells softly of lavender - not in that cheap pot pouri way, but in a fresh and uplifting way. In fact, I'm sure I could smell him at V this summer.

'I Just Want To See The Boy Happy' is a bloody good single. I've often enjoyed the way that Morrisey just gets a track and uses it as a way to say the stuff he wants to be heard, whatever words those might be. 'Let's face it, soon I will be dead...' he remarks, and by the time he's finished saying these words he's already pretty comfortable with the way they sound, despite their overtly tragic nature. Also, he makes it very clear that he 'just wants to see the boy happy' (over and over), and whilst I'm not entirely sure what boy he's talking about, and we all know he can write more thought provoking prose, you should again try to stay calm, for the pacing of this track is fantastic, something which again is helped along by Morrissey's sprawling vocals, granting the track an unstoppable nervous energy.

The instrumentation on the track too is quite interesting if you're willing to look for it, being that there's some weird background synth, some strange percussion and a trombone solo to finish the song off. I Just Want to See the Boy Happy (the b-sides to which are also worth a gander) manages to be a rock song all the same regardless of the instrumental noodlings, and retains a very raw freedom that a lot of other acts just don't have.

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