Mr. Hudson & The Library - The Bread + Roses EP (Mercury)

06 Dec 2006

limited edition debut ep from new mercury signings and recent basement club performers - we can't seem to get over that keyboard player; release - '06

Mr. Hudson & The Library - The Bread & Roses EPI'm sorry, but this band being called Mr. Hudson & The Library is ridiculous when they clearly should be called The Keyboard Player, Mr. Hudson & The Library. And you know what else? For someone who criticises mid-song the way that other people spend their money, Mr. Hudson himself has got a pretty flashy belt. And personally, I deem it foolish to rank a guy with a flashy belt above this incredible piano player.

He's insane, and this EP is just the tip of the iceberg - if you were lucky enough to be at September's Basement Club you would have seen those hands of his moving up and down the keyboard very quickly indeed, but also with much grace. He's not just doing poncy Rick Wakeman impressions either - these are well thought out, subtle chord changes designed as the perfect accompaniment to the figurehead's futuristic blues.

It's great that Mr. Hudson have a steel drum player as a full time member and generally come across as quite an innovatively minded band. Yet one does feel that they could explore a little more, for example it sounds like the drummer's spent a little too long getting the drum pads to sound like real drums rather than investigating the many possibilities in the technology he has. As for Mr. Hudson himself, well, he reminds me of Sting. And we like Sting.

His band are certainly a confusing onslaught to the senses, something which is no doubt the best and worst thing to them. When the confusing combination of acoustic guitar, timpani, classic piano sounds and synth drums work, they're brilliant (and yes, usually it's down to that incredible pianist). When it doesn't, it can be a little unsettling. Crucially though, it's always interesting.

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