Muscles - Sweaty (Modular)

10 Jan 2008

"the kind of music you lose whole summers to..."; release - '07

Muscles - Sweaty.jpg"Peace! Love! Ecstasy!"

With repeated mantras like this, dousing revellers in clubs with throbbing techno and pumping electro, 'Sweaty' is a celebration of all things rave in the form of a jubilant exploration of our enlightened partying nature.

The song batters one into submission with whoops and cheers before lifting off with the seemingly pure antidote of a beautiful wave of synths, ready to carry us away to the medicated dancefloors of eternity. Here is the kind of music that you lose whole summers to, flailing around on a cloud of ecstasy, yet at the same time it displays a tribal, almost feral quality as it explodes into existence. As we drift off, lost in repetitive antipodean beats, the DJ chants: "My hand slipped into your hand and it was awesome! And you were special!" and we are there too, holding hands, sweaty and off our tits.

Watch the video to 'Sweaty' HERE.

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