Mystery Jets - ‘Alas Agnes’ (679)

23 Nov 2005

the eel pie residents wow us with latest, overblown, adam and the ants-via-the youngbloods(!) scatter-pop; release - '05.

Mystery Jets - 'Alas Agnes'From the off. This is stupendous.

The Jet's ramshackle re-interpretation of the Youngbloods 'Young At Heart'; a twisted lip smacker of homo-hetero-hermaphrodite love is already a live favourite, and the demo version has a place in many an eel pie addict's heart...

So how does this new version sound? Leaving more space for its choral tendencies, yet still allowing Will's exuberant guitars to shriek and flow across your eardrums. The lift of the bittersweet lyrics constricting your lungs with taught lines such as 'you picked me up at the station, after my back street operation, you broke me, you broke the painful news, you dumped me for a prettier muse...'

Being the band they are, equal weight must be placed on their b-sides, the subtle 'Electric Fire' a cathartic yelp that shows the full power of Blaine's voice - one of the band's strongest assets. Finding warmth around a paraffin burner and a lift in your soul that approaches Buckley-esque heights.

'The Last Bench' indulges their Prog tendencies, but the supreme confidence of Kai's unparalleled bass playing, complimented with Kap's understated foliage-like drum beats, and creatively emoted songwriting, makes for a vital all-round purchase.

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