Mystery Jets’ Guide To By The Sea Festival 2016

28 Sep 2016

Singer Blaine Harrison guides us through the various delights from this year's line up


Start getting excited: there's only two sleeps until this year's By The Sea Festival

Set against a backdrop of quaint British seaside and surrounded by the fun and frolicks of Dreamland theme park, it features a smorgasbord of musical delights from the mosh-inducing hedonism of Wolf Alice to the ravey bangers of Jagwar Ma, the emotive sweep of Bat For Lashes to the filthy falsetto of Wild Beasts.

Essentially, it's a damn fine weekend from start to finish (not that we're biased or anything) and to help give his toppermost of the poppermost picks from the bill is Friday second stage headliner Mystery Jets' frontman Blaine Harrison.

The Big Moon
"We first shared a stage with these girls back at The Great Escape and got on so well we asked them to join us on our Autumn tour. The energy they give off onstage is so infectious you can't help but feel like everything is going to be ok and that life is amazing. But it would be even more amazing if we all had ponytails like The Big Moon. They know how to swing those things."


Wild Beasts
"We go back with Wild Beasts to the mid/ late noughties when both our bands were cutting their teeth on the gig circuit and I remember being struck that something in their influences mirrored our own. They have evolved so much in that time and there is this really unique arc across their records - It feels like their songs are written in their own original language that the world has been enchanted into learning how to speak."



Bill Ryder Jones
"William [Rees, Mystery Jets guitarist] sent me a cassette in my last year at school (when I was trying to make up my mind about whether to pursue music or painting) and it blew my mind - a mix of Beefheart, early Floyd and The Wailers. It turned out to be a bootleg of the first Coral album and it was without a doubt one of the records that validated the idea that a band could be anything you wanted it to be. Bill's playing on that record made me a fan for life and when he joined us for our Brixton Electric show earlier this year I was mesmerized. West Kirby County Primary was once of my favorite records of last year and I can't wait to hear where he goes next."


Slow Club
"There's something about family bands - the way voices blend when they belong to people who have grown up making music together. Rebecca and Charles aren't actually related by blood but that same feeling is there whenever they sing - this incredible intimacy. Myself and Charles were in Jack from the Jets' backing band for a while and the guy has got talent for days. If we had put more time into it we could have been the 21st century Byrds, making sweet millennial blues."


Sink the Pink
"My early memories of moving to London in my late teens consisted of dressing up as a self-styled nu-romantic street urchin and going to parties like Kashpoint, All You Can Eat and Boombox. That was many moons ago but Sink The Pink have taken that tradition to the next level, and although they aren't a band they still make this list because they share the same philosophy as we do: 'Too much is never enough'. I've been trying to make one of their sordid seaside parties for the last couple of years so I'm delighted that we have finally crossed steams."



Enjoy all of these treats, plus loads more this weekend in Margate. Last tickets available here at






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