NEW MUSIC: Becca Mancari - Lonely Boy

10 Jun 2020

Lonely Boy is the thrid single from Becca's forthcoming new album

Inspired by Becca’s dog, “Lonely Boy” reflects on the ways that fear can hold us back from human connection. The canine-filled, trippy video was animated by Anna Firth. This track is preceded by “First Time,” which Conde Nast’s Them. praised as a “gorgeous celebration of the existence and diversity of Southern queers'' and “Hunter,” that has been on BBC 6 Music’s A List since April.

Becca Mancari on “Lonely Boy” -  “‘Lonely Boy’ started out as a song about my dog, Abe, who had always struggled with severe anxiety and depression, as a lot of rescue dogs do. And whenever I’d watch him I could see my reflection of those attributes in my own life. I wrote this song way before COVID and social distancing, but I have to believe I’m not the only lonely boy out there, during this time or any time really. If you feel the same, then this song goes out to you. Can’t wait to till we can sing it all together.”

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