NEW MUSIC: Bing and Ruth - ‘Live Forever’

13 May 2020

Today, Bing & Ruth has release a second single, 'Live Forever',

Today, Bing & Ruth has release a second single, 'Live Forever', from forthcoming new album Species (out 17 July). 'Live Forever' is a kind of sonic meditation. At 13 minutes, it is the longest composition on Species, but a series of three rising notes at the end of each phrase suggests something like a song form at work - albeit one that has been greatly stretched out.

Bing & Ruth’s ringleader, David Moore writes, “depending on how you’re registering time ‘Live Forever’ tends to be either the longest or shortest track on Species. It is a very peaceful song for me, and lately that seems to be what I’m most in need of. I hope you can find something in it for yourself.”



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