NEW MUSIC: Courtney Marie Andrews - I’ve Hurt Worse

05 Mar 2018

Exploring the powers of sarcasm


Courtney Marie Andrews plays with the powers of sarcasm in new track 'I've Hurt Worse', her fortcoming album 'May Your Kindness Remain' is out 23 March.

"This is one of the few songs I've ever written with such a heavy sense of sarcasm," Andrews told Rolling Stone. "I have a family member who loves to hurt in a
relationship, and they are addicted to toxic and abusive partners. The narrator in 'I've Hurt Worse' is justifying their partner's behaviors by comparing them to an even worse relationship they've been in before. It’s a sarcastic song about recognizing abuse, and allowing your own mental instability to get the best of you."

Catch Andrews headline show at Islington Asembly Hall, 24 April.

Tickets available here.

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