NEW MUSIC: Dana Gavanski - I Talk to The Wind

08 Sep 2020

Dana has released a gorgeous video for her King Crimson cover

Following the release of her latest EP 'Wing Songs', Dana Gavanski has released a mesmerising music video for her cover of King Crimson's 'I Talk To The Wind'. Produced by artist Gaia Alari, the video was put together of individual hand drawn frames, resulting in the most beautiful piece of art. 

Speaking on the music video, Gaia Alari said "I knew the song before but Dana's version made me reconnect to the lyrics on a deeper level. This inspired me to look for visuals that could bring an airy sensation but also a little psychedelic and melancholic. So I picked a few elements (plastic bag, curtains, Dana, birds, hands) and took them on a circular journey, picturing the movement of a whirlwind".

'Wind Songs' shows off Dana's musical taste, with covers of not only King Crimson, but also Chic, Tim Hardin, Macedonian folk music and Judee Sill, it is a true celebration of her extensive musical influences. 

Make sure to check out both the music video and Dana's latest EP 'Wind Songs' HERE



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