NEW MUSIC: deathcrash - Bind

09 Oct 2020

London post-rock outfit deathcrash release their latest single 'Bind'.

London post-rock outfit deathcrash released their latest single 'Bind' on 7 October. deathcrash have made qiuite the stir within the industry, catching the eye of the likes of Steve Lamacq and Matt Wilkinson with their unusual blend of delicate vocals coupled with slowcore instrumentals, and touring with the likes of Black Country, New Road and Sorry. 

Speaking on the new track the band said "We like this song because we've had it since the start, so there's a big emotional attachment to it. It's open ended, but it talks a little about the ways in which we all seem to carry various burdens. We find ourselves wanting to share these feelings and often don't quite know how to do so as they're hard to identify. We hide them from ourselves as much as anything." 

Check it out HERE.


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