NEW MUSIC: EMA - Blood and Chalk

14 Aug 2017

Druggy, surly societal outcasts


EMA shares fourth track off forthcoming album 'Exhile In The Outer Ring', with mesmerising video art.

“Blood and Chalk was originally written for the #Horror soundtrack” explains Erika M. Anderson (aka EMA). “I wrote the lyrics very quickly, with the idea that it was about the experience of being a 12 year-old girl, kind of right on the cusp between childhood and starting to grow up. But when I played it for Jake (Portrait) he said he thought it was about a police shooting. I was kind of shocked, but it also makes complete sense from that point of view. Makes me wonder if my subconscious mind was working on a different level, creating a double meaning.”

EMA performs at Oslo, Hackney on 3 October.

Tickets available here

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