NEW MUSIC: Kevin Morby - Sundowner

16 Oct 2020

Today sees the release of Kevin Morby's latest LP 'Sundowner'! 

Following his weekly livestream performances of each album in his catalogue, we have finally reached the release of Kevin Morby's latest LP 'Sundowner'!

Whilst being written in a pre-COVID-19 world, Sundowner is relevant, now more than ever. Morby began writing the LP back in 2017, when he gave up life in the bustling cities of Los Angeles and New York and returned back to his home of Kansas City. This move was a huge juxtapostion to his previous life on the road, and is highlighted in the way the album encaspsulates a feeling of seclusion and isolation, something that has become increasingly relevant in the current pandemic.

Morby wrote on his Facebook: "When I first moved back home to Kansas after having lived on both coasts for over a decade, I found myself - for the first time - dreading the sun going down. This was an opposite and new feeling for me whereas in both Los Angeles and New York I resisted the day light, and thrived in the night - something I have sang about many times, most notably on my album City Music. But suddenly there I was, in the late autumns isolated Midwest with the days growing increasingly shorter, chasing the sun as best I could. I had just started dating my now girlfriend, Katie, who introduced me to the term Sundowner, as one who gets depressed around twilight - and I wrote this song which became the center of gravity for the rest of the album."

Sundowner is reminisent of some of Morby's earlier work, with its much more stripped back sound, perfectly showing the closeness and intimacy of his slowed way of life.

Make sure to grab your tickets for tonight's Sundowner full-band live stream to hear the album live. Get your tickets HERE.


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