22 Oct 2018

Kiran Leonard shares "Legacy Of Neglect" (feat. Let's Eat Grandma).

Kiran Leonard is set to release a new album Western Culture on 9th November 2018 through Moshi Moshi. Today, he shares the album's centrepiece, "Legacy Of Neglect".

The track features backing vocals from Let's Eat Grandma and, despite being more than eight minutes long, never loses its focus; the numerous controlled twists and turns recall prime Radiohead.

Kiran Leonard: ""Legacy of Neglect" is chiefly about two things. Culture, and the weird dual meaning of the word: how it's a concept necessarily in constant flux, in dialogue with a rapidly transforming society, yet also one that many people regard as something static and possessed, a 'heritage' you can draw on when the world seems precarious and alien and antagonistic.

"Secondly, history and class: bad analyses of terrible socio-political developments from people who should know better, invariably ahistorical, patronising, disingenuous, devoid of empathy, etc.  Let it be said that fascism never was, never will be, a popular movement; it has always been a creation and servant of the elite and the privileged. Consider the actual architects of bigoted violence, and the refuse of our sad histories. Consider where vulgarity actually comes from."

New album Western Culture marks a huge sonic progression due, in part, to the involvement of his venerable live band (Andrew Cheetham on drums, Dave Rowe on bass, Dan Bridgewood-Hill on guitar, synth and violin) on record for the first time. It is also the first Kiran Leonard album to have been made in a professional studio.

"It was nice not having to spend 2+ years recording an LP in drips in my front room," says Leonard. "It was mostly smashed out over nine days or so makes it a lot more focused than my long-ass records usually are. I think it’s both more accessible and more peculiar than my other records. There’s a nice Bon Jovi solo at the end of the seventh track "Unreflective Life"."

Kiran Leonard is a 23 year old musician from Saddleworth, Greater Manchester. Debut album proper Bowler Hat Soup (2014) and follow-up Grapefruit (2016) were both recorded at home, with Kiran playing virtually every instrument himself. Dervaun Seraun (2017), in five movements inspired by five pieces of literature and arranged for piano, strings and voice, was an ambitious concept album.

Leonard has also added a headline show at London's MOTH Club on 27th November. Tickets available HERE.



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