NEW MUSIC: Kiran Leonard - Could She Still Draw Back?

14 Aug 2017

"A singular new talent is being forged"


Kiran Leonard recently announced details of a new album Derevaun Seraun, set to be released 15 September. Recently sharing its opening track.

'Could She Still Draw Back?' takes its inspiration from "Eyeline", a short story from James Joyce's Dubliners about a young girl trapped between the allure of moving to another continent with a newfound lover and the inescapable draw of home, routine and certainty, however constrictive and mundane they can be.

Kiran explains: "I think that this is a conflict that most can relate to; everybody espouses the virtues of travel, but it takes a special sort of person to uproot and abandon their world in pursuit of something else, even if it is to flee a boring town that you hate. All throughout she is weighing both sides, the ailing health and occasional kindheartedness of her father in spite of his aggressive tendencies, the exciting prospect of domestic bliss abroad in spite of the fear of potential disaster."

Kiran Leonard plays two special shows on 20 September at St Pancras Old Church. Tickets for both the early (7pm) and late (9pm) show are on sale now.

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