NEW MUSIC: Lost Horizons - In Quiet Moments

19 Jan 2021

Lost Horizons have shared the title track from their upcoming album, along with music video

Lost Horizons have released the title track from their upcoming album 'In Quiet Places', featuring vocals from Ural Thomas, along with it's music video. The second half of the two part album is set for release on 26th February via Bella Union, following part one, which was released in December 2020. 

Thomas has had an impressive past in the music industry, working with or opening for musicians such as Etta James, Otis Redding, James Brown and Stevie Wonder. He is now bringing his soulful and brooding vocals to the Lost Horizons track, blending seamlessly with their beautiful signature soundscapes.

Of the track Ural Thomas says: “When I first heard the song, I thought it was such a wonderful thing, both open and calm, with that steady, insistent groove. The chords go from looming to embracing then back again, like a sad, friendly giant. It took a quiet moment to go over it in my mind and then we were off and running with the tune. At times I feel strong and one with the world.  At other times I feel tiny and solitary.  In a way they’re two parts of the same feeling. That sense of being closed in and defined by walls became more real just a short while after we worked on the song.  But we’re all those other things, too—connected, hopeful, with a long arc that will go beyond this time.”

Simon Raymonde of Lost Horizons adds: “Sometimes you just have a clear vision for a song and then try as you might, it doesn’t quite hit the mark and other times, you’re not quite sure where it’s going and then all of sudden it’s like The Matrix and you’re buzzing! I’d been talking to Ural and his team since I heard about him earlier that year, and they were all working on a new Ural Thomas and The Pain album, but just as I finished the bass part on our piece, which Richie had started at a session in London, my inner voice was screaming “ASK URAL TO SING!” Scott and Brent who are his producers and write with Ural and in his band too, responded very positively to my enquiry and said Ural was into it, and it looked like they could do it all at their studio in Portland AND film him at the same time as they were making a documentary about him! I couldn’t believe my luck. After he was done with the first half of the song I asked if he could make the ending spoken-word in the style of Gil Scott-Heron and he did something ad-libbed which I loved. I then asked Wendi Rose who sings with Spiritualized to add some of her beautiful vocals and I think this took it all to the next level. Paul Gregory and Jonathan Wilson also played some delicious guitar parts which were the fairy dust on top!”

Listen to the new single and pre-order 'In Quiet Moments' here, and get tickets for their show at Scala here


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