NEW MUSIC: Otzeki - Unthunk

11 Feb 2021

Otzeki release new single 'Unthunk' and music video 

Otzeki are back with their third single taken from their upcoming sophomore album 'Now is a Long Time', set for release on 19th March 2021 via Akira Records. 'Unthunk' follows earlier released tracks taken from the album, 'Familiar Feeling' and 'Max Wells-Demon'.

Otzeki's Mike Sharp said of the single, "Unthunk is a sardonic ‘maditation’ on pop.  In terms of musical references, I was inspired by the kitschiness of Billy Joel’s ‘We didn’t start the fire’ after overhearing it at the Stapleton Tavern in Finsbury Park, I was also watching a bunch of music videos by the band Devo, Daft Punk, Throbbing Gristle and Kendrick Lamar. The seed grew out of a quirky drum loop Joel and I made using his TR8 drum machine, which gave the song a far slower vibe before Beni Giles later introduced vocoder and synths into the mix, taking it back to the 80’s".

The track was released along with music video, directed by Frankie Roberts, full of trippy animations. Roberts said:

"Those cast into the dream dictatorship must dance,

they are fuel for the hungry beat, their energy a fossil fuel and a currency; obliterated and regurgitated after serving their purpose.

They power the godless face, the sorry product of search engines, edging one step closer to never having existed.

All a blip on a fantasy landscape, leaving no trace."

Check out 'Unthunk' here and get tickets for Otzeki's show at Peckham Audio here


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