NEW MUSIC: Slow Pulp - Moveys

14 Oct 2020

Slow Pulp release their debut album Moveys! 

Slow Pulp have released their debut LP "Moveys", having fought through a plethora challenges, including the current global pandemic, and it is a firm RFB favourite.

In the midst of writing the album, frontwoman Emily Massey had to return to her home due to a family emergency and was unable to travel back to Chicago due to the COVID-19 crisis. With most of the instrumentals already written for the album, the band ended up recording in a post-COVID world, with Massey recording a large amount of her vocals from her dad's home studio in Madison, Wisconsin, and sending them to the rest of the band to be mixed in their studio space in Chicago. The album's engineering, production and mixing was led by band guitarist Henry Stoehr, who said on the unconvential recording of the LP, "Finishing this record was such a cool thing to know that we were able to do it".

The results are an album that both highlights the hardships in which it was created, but also holds a strong feeling of 'things can get better', with the warm and welcoming tracks. Massey spoke of the album: “It was a shift in believing in myself that I hadn’t had in a really long time.”

Check out Moveys HERE.


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