NEW MUSIC: Sofia Wolfson - Billboard

24 Jun 2020

LA-based singer-songwriter Sofia Wolfson shares her dreamy, contemplative new single ‘Billboard’.

Sofia explores themes of distorted-memories, bad dreams and first relationships on her new single. Unafraid to thread the gritty, introspective lyrics through the upbeat guitar melodies, and the everyday-mundane through soothing, dampened strings, Sofia sets herself apart from an exciting group of alternative songwriters coming out of the US.

Living in Boston when ‘Billboard’ was written, Sofia explains: “I wrote ‘Billboard’ during a time when I was having a series of really bad and seemingly related dreams. They all were causing me to wake up in a dissociative state and the only way I could try to make sense of them was to write about the experience. ‘Billboard’ became a reflection on a relationship I was half-in half-out of at the time, which I found to be even harder than being fully broken up. I didn’t know what I was doing or how to communicate, so I ended up internalising a lot of the feelings, which led to all the bad dreams. The song also explores themes of memory and the distortion of it. I was living in Boston at the time and I felt really outside of myself, like I couldn’t trust my memory.”

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