ON TOUR WITH: Charly Bliss

24 Oct 2019

Charly Bliss tell us about their favourite spots in London and across the UK

Charly Bliss return to London in November to headline Scala with support from the wonderful Barrie. Ahead of their show, we asked the band to pick some of their favourite tour discoveries from London and further afield...


It was a night off on our first U.K. tour and we were looking to head out for dinner. We cross referenced all the recommendations we received from friends and the one constant was an Indian restaurant called Dishoom. Upon our arrival, we were dismayed to find that not only was there a two hour wait, but the line extended out of the restaurant and onto the street where it had started raining minutes earlier. Regardless, we decided to stick it out. It was during this somewhat brutal period of anticipation that we first fell in love with the restaurant—they sent out little cups of chai and mint tea to everyone in line! The comforting tea certainly helped ease the wait, and it only got better from there. It was evident from the first dish that arrived to our table, the house black daal, that we had made the right call. The cocktails, the roti, the curries, it was all outstanding. We'd happily stand in the pouring rain for two hours just to get a spoonful of that luscious black daal let alone another full meal at Dishoom, and once we’re back in London, we most certainly will.


We love tourist-y shit, and London is brimming with it. Sure, Platform 9 ¾  might not be as trendy as that little hole in the wall record store or some secret speakeasy that James Murphy allegedly frequents, but we are who we are. With that mind, it’s probably no surprise that a visit to Borough Market was pretty high up on our to-do list. After a few busy days of interviews and shows, we found just enough time to make it to the market. With the clock ticking, we decided it was time to get organized. The odds of becoming paralyzed by choice were stacked against us. We needed a plan. We took a lap and began to assess the many vendors: Scotch egg? Absolutely. Raclette over potatoes and pickles? Without question. Goat's milk ice cream? Maybe not. With the top contenders squared away, we descended into the marketplace and sampled more food than any group of four humans ever should. It was ultimately a little excessive but exhilarating nonetheless. Whenever we mention our affinity for Borough Market to a London native it’s usually met with an eye roll or sigh, which is fair, I’m sure there are plenty of cooler things to do in London, but the truth is we’re not a very cool band. That being said, we are a very fun band, and Borough Market is fucking fun.


It was our second EU/U.K. tour and we were in Brighton for the Great Escape Festival. By this point we had played our first shows in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris just a few days prior, so the bar was set pretty high. None of us knew much about Brighton but we were happily surprised to find that it was absolutely gorgeous. After our first set of the day, we spent the afternoon walking around the pebble beaches and perusing the local shops. Postcards and trinkets were purchased, miso soup was consumed by the water, and Brighton was shaping up to become a serious contender for favorite stop of the tour. What sealed the deal came after we were done with shows for the night. We were feeling especially on the nose and decided it was about time we got some fish and chips. We ordered an offensive amount of fried food and brought it down to the beach. We ate, we drank, we laughed, we got a lot of tartar sauce on our clothing, and we hope to do it again as soon as humanly possible.


When you’re on tour with the same four people for long stretches of time, you find yourselves falling in sync with one another.You’ll get the same songs stuck in your head, you’ll get tired at the same time, hungry at the same time, and in the instance of the morning after a rowdy sold out release show in London, you might wake up with hangovers of the same unrelenting and excruciating variety. We groggily checked out of our hotel with close to five hours to kill. We had no idea what to do or where to drag our weary bodies but we needed food in a way that felt dire. We weren’t near any familiar spots and Yelp was painting a pretty bleak picture. We decided to hop in the van and drive towards the neighborhood where Eva was having an interview later. We found a promising looking pub in the surrounding area called Howl at the Moon. We took a seat and began looking over the menus. It was a super cute bar with great beers on tap and some decent sounding lunch options. We had just got our first round of drinks when something magic happened: A small brown chihuahua seemingly materialized out of thin air and hopped up into our booth and just sort of...chilled there. It turns out the dog, Luna, belonged to the bar’s owner, a conclusion we likely would have arrived to if it weren't for our impaired state, but the whole thing still felt very surreal. We finished our food, some excellent cheeseburgers with thick cut fries, stuck around a few extra minutes to play with Luna, and left with a renewed sense of vitality.

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