PLAYLIST: Grace Lightman

27 Aug 2019

Grace Lightman picks some of her favourite tracks for us ahead of her London show this October

Alt-pop sensation Grace Lightman is set to play The Islington this October. To celebrate she's made us a playlist featuring her favourite tracks including the likes of Todd Terje, Beyonce and Bryan Ferry. Get tickets for her next London show now!

Generation Why - Weyes Blood

This song sounds like the ghost of Karen Carpenter singing us through the millennial apocalypse. I really like the elements of sarcasm in this track, and obviously the vocal delivery is stunning.

Floating - Julee Cruise

An amazing song written by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti, which such a great strange atmosphere and build into the chorus. I love the production and again, I love Julee Cruise's vocal performance.

Thinkin Bout You - Frank Ocean

The song that got me into Frank Ocean and singing at the very top of my range. Believe it or not, this song was actually the one that influences 'Faultless' off my album.

Truth Hurts - Lizzo

A classic anthem for female empowerment. Lizzo is a force of nature and is so inspiring musically and personally.

White Foxes - Susanne Sundfor

The first time I heard this song I lost my shit. I remember my creative partner Patrick playing it to me as we waited for a Ferry to play a show in Belgium. It was like I didn't realise you could do that with synths and changes keys or modes during songs. And of course, another incredible vocal.

Blow - Beyonce

Disco in the modern world by a queen. I love how bouncey this song is, it genuinely makes you feel like you are in the roller disco with her. This same feeling was something I wanted to emulate with Repair Repair.

Carnival - The Cardigans

I love the Cardigans. One of my favourites vocalists, Nina Persson never oversings and always leaves you wanting more of those moments where she growls her voice for a split second.

Idioteque - Radiohead

This song was the soundtrack to my youth, as was a lot of Radiohead. I think they might be my favourite band and have no doubt influenced my tastes and musical creations.

I Feel Love - Donna Summer

This is one of my favourite songs of all time. Donna Summer is a queen. This song is her kingdom.

Johnny and Mary - Todd Terje and Bryan Ferry

Todd Terje makes excellent disco. But I love what he's done with this slower track with Bryan Ferry on it. When I was touring with BC Camplight back in the day, BC showed me this track and it definitely resonated with me.

Imagining My Man - Aldous Harding

Another wonderful example of a woman baring her soul through her vocal performance. But never oversinging, just a classy delivery but also playful at times.

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