PLAYLIST: Home Counties

12 Jul 2021

From Jamiroquai to Clown Core with Home Counties

Home Counties are set to play Servant Jazz Quarters on 22 July and the band have kindly shared some of their current favourite tracks with us. The selection features everyone from Nigerian synth legend William Onyeabor to notorious hat wearer Jamiroquai. 

Have a listen and grab tickets to their show later this month!

Will Harrison: We are working on a new song which is reminiscent of this. We only realised the similarity after it was mostly written, but I feel we were subconsciously influenced through the workings of childhood nostalgia.

Will Harrison: I’m very late in the game to William Onyeabor, but have fallen in love with his music after a friend showed me it the other day. I love the wonky interweaving of sequenced synths on this one in particular, which has influenced another track in the making.

Conor Kearney: I’ve been listening to a lot of clown core recently and it's been influential for a few reasons. I love the fact that it’s all recorded in a portaloo and sounds great - maybe we’ll try our next single in a biffa bin down the road. I also love how their stuff is written. It’s very free and when you play a track you haven’t heard you genuinely have no idea where it’s going to head next. A reminder that you shouldnt be bound by convention in the way you write… goes and writes generic pop music...

Conor Kearney: My friend showed me this a couple of years ago and it was pretty much my soundtrack of lockdown 1&2. Unbelievably catchy and keytars for days it’s definitely a direction I wouldn’t mind taking home counties in, don’t know if the rest of them will follow.

Sam Woodroffe: I’ve had this cheesy french synth pop song as an earworm for about the last 5 years, despite the fact I haven’t got a clue what they’re singing about. Combined with the crappy green screen music video music video I dont think a piece of media has ever represented the garish glory days of the 80’s as perfectly.

Sam Woodroffe: Who would have thought that the union of lo-fi bollywood with Micheal Jackson’s hit “Thriller” would yield some sort of strange Hindi DEVO, but the world never ceases to surprise. The dance moves elevate the experience to sheer fine art, even if they’re a little hard to make out through the 244p quality. 

Barn Peiser Pepin: A recent re-discovery of mine, Jamiroquai has become a big part of my morning experience. I don’t understand the video, but I still love the song.

Barn Peiser Pepin: I dunno how they got the drums to sound like this, but they did a good job. Even more remarkable is that Billy Boyo was only 10 when he sang this. A talent fo’ sure.

Dan Hearn: More Jamiroquai. It’s just the hat that does it for me…

Dan Hearn: To be honest, I haven’t really been listening to anything other than Jamiroquai for over a month (I now have a substantial hat collection). However, this song is the title track of an album I recently acquired on vinyl. I really like Surprise Chef, chill vibes but with a lot going on. This track is some propper brain food that you can sit back, zone out to and let your mind wonder. It is the facilitator of a good daydream.

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