PLAYLIST: Julien Chang’s inspirations

16 Oct 2019

Julien Chang just released his debut album on Transgressive. Check out some of his inspirations...

Julien Chang's Jules is a stunning debut album from a super exciting new artist. He'll be playing his first ever UK shows in a few weeks and we can't wait to hear the album in person. Before that, check out some of his diverse influences which helped shape the sound of the record:

Mmarima: "I found out about 1970's African funk music at the beginning of the summer that I recorded Jules. This song's quick fingerpicking, high melodies in thirds, and chordal repetition really attracted and inspired me."

Symphony No.2: "I played Tchaikovsky's second symphony with the orchestra in high school. The third movement is an excellent example of balancing suppressed intensity with some kind of surface timidness which I've always found especially moving."

Poses: "This second album by Rufus Wainwright will forever be one of my favorites of all time. I grew up with it always playing in the car. For some reason, it was the only CD we were able to hold onto for the entirety of my childhood."

All This Love That I'm Givin': "It's certifiably funky. It's undeniable."

21st Century Schizoid Man: "Classic. One of the most sophisticated and powerful prog rock constructions I've known."

Midnight in Harlem: "Really just a beautiful song through and through. Between Susan's voice and Derek's slide catharsis. Very special."

Pink Matter: "That moment when the backbeat comes in halfway through the song is somehow simultaneously the most subtle and most powerful beat drop I've heard."

Shine On You Crazy Diamond: "It has always been my favorite Pink Floyd song. That band is a staple of my closest friendships back in Baltimore. Roger Waters and I have the same birthday. Endlessly inspiring."

Eddie Quansa: "Such a sweet song. It must have been my most listened to during the summer that I recorded Jules."

Summer Soft: "What can I say that hasn't already been said about Stevie Wonder. One of the greatest musicians of all time. This song has always been one of my favorites."

Os Justi: "My junior year music theory teacher introduced me to Bruckner. Lasting compositional influence."

Morceau Symphonique: "I auditioned for the concerto competition in high school with this piece on trombone. I didn't win."

Daahoud: "It moves! Also on one of my favorite records: Clifford Brown and Max Roach."

Invitation: "Renato Sellani's arrangement of this standard is probably the most beautiful one I've heard. It plays like Ravel."

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