Playlist: Otzeki

20 Apr 2021

Experimental electronic duo Otzeki share a new playlist 

Joel from Otzeki has put together a playlist for us highlighting their influences and tracks they're into right now. The duo play live at Peckham Audio this September and tickets are on sale now.

I was in love with this edit the second I heard East End Dubs post the snippet onto his instagram. There’s something about the haunting vocals, with the loose old percussion that is fused with the modern electronic elements and a garage baseline that just really pops to my ears. Mike and I have always admired Elvis’s take on ‘Fever’ too which is maybe why I love this edit so much.

We were lucky enough to have done a songwriting session with Neil at his studio at the infamous Metropolis studios in West London, just before the start of the pandemic. Such a lovely guy, and an extremely gifted pianist. It was a nice surprise, when searching through his past releases on discogs recently, that he has released many a psy-trance track too - which for me just further clarified the extent of his talent (Neil played the piano on Adelle's Rolling in the Deep and was in a prestigious Jazz outfit called the Neil Cowley Trio for many years). This new album is essential home listening imo.

I love how this record fuses eastern influences with tasteful DJ friendly beats, making it fun to include whilst mixing. It has a wonderful otherworldly charm, and functions as the perfect opener to a chilled mix, or even just some nice ambient music to have on in the background whilst working.

This one is just a full on slammer, somehow fusing more pop inspired elements in the production whilst still remaining tasteful. Perfect for the kitchen boogy. I can’t be the first to predict that it will be a huge hit at the majority of the festivals this summer (should they be going ahead).

A very cheaky Russian edit. One fow the minimal heads.

The perfect mix of electro without going too hard, this record caught my attention due to the versatility of the tracks off the EP. A great filler record for any DJ set, this one has to be my stand out track from the EP.

Vladislav Delay has to be one of the most gifted sound designers in the game, and this 22 minutes long experimentation is no exception to his usual standards. He plays with timing in such a daring and inventive way, you could imagine Ricardo Villalobos or his contemporaries spinning this at 9am at fabric and people losing their shit. It meets all the criteria of a minimal classic.

An extremely groovy edit of queen Badu, one perfect for the after-hours. I recently bought this for my sisters birthday, it’s the kind of track that everyone likes. There’s something in it for everybody.

Nothing screams good quality old, rare electro than the label Alien recordings. At a push, this would probably have to be my favourite track off the label. Originally released in 1998 by members of the group ’Stopouts’ Andy Panay and Rob Collman.

Surgeon is a techno warlord who occasionally makes more palatable tracks, such as this one. It’s the kind of thing you could imagine tearing down Berghain, whilst everybody is losing their mind and you don’t really know what’s going on around you because it’s insanely loud. I love how the kick is intense yet also not too pounding, it’s the kind of thing I wish I was able to achieve production wise. I originally heard it when Sammy Dee the perlon affiliate posted it on instagram. Thanks Sammy.

It’s been such a wonderful thing to witness the success of our friend Liam aka Desert Sound Colony. This one is off his new label venture with other Garage aficionados Harry Wills, Alec Falconer and Dr Banana, entitled Sock it to Me. Their ingenious idea was to give everybody a pair of socks with each of their releases, and I have to say that they are hands down the comfiest socks I’ve ever worn. I also just love the melancholic synths on display here.

A rare find traipsing through the discogs wilderness. The kind of spacey sound design focused techno that you could imagine Zip setting alight a dance floor with at 4am. Top notch stuff.

I’m the proud owner of this one on vinyl. Marvin Dash is a kind of cult deep house legend, and here he delivers a chilled break beat monster. You can read my comment on the release page on discogs, urging the sellers to lower the price of the record. Essential summer time listening.

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